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DATA: Information output by a sensing device or organ that includes both useful and irrelevant information
and must be processed to be meaningful. Ref. Merriam Webster dictionary

PRIMAL FORMS convey implicit meanings to scientific data that give them dual resonnance
when the data are recognised as both scientific information and expressions of connection.
Ref. Roberts. Antarctic Animation: Gestures and lines describe a changing environment2010 PhD thesis

CONNECTIVITY: [E]nvironmental values derive from a sense of connectivity with nature.
Ref. Dutcher et al. Connectivity With Nature as a Measure of Environmental Values
Environment and Behavior July 2007 vol. 39 no. 4 474-493

Disclaimers, Copyrights and Citations

Voice: Andrew Constable 2010
Data: Australian Antarctic Division
Music: Sophie Green, 2012
Camera: Christine McMillan
Animation/model: Lisa Roberts
Production assistance: Ken Wilson

In 2010 scientist Andrew Constable explains what he means by modelling and challenges me to "make a scientific model attractive to people through art". This video began as a joke, a play on words: I would be an artist's model within a scientist's model of the world.

Lisa Roberts24 September 2013


Core scientific data come from the Australian Antarctic Division
and the Faculty of Environmental Science
University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).
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